College Prep Teams

       In response to the changing face of travel ball, we have changed the structure of our College Prep Team Program to allow teams to be more competitive while allowing individual players to develop at their own rate.  There is a potential for any individual player to move between teams, much like Major League farm systems, through their own hard work and development.

 The primary focus of all these teams is to continue reinforcing the development of physical and mental skills, while also preparing players to become successful collegiate athletes. Our teams participate in various types of college showcases, tournaments, and college preparatory clinics. Our goal is to help each athlete participating on our College Prep Teams to achieve the goals they have set for themselves in reaching the next level.

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There are three teams:

      There is an  Elite 18U Team  of players  who are headed to  college baseball and need to compete at the events with maximum college exposure. Their head coach,  Joe Gerber (Fresno State), will expose these players to the techniques and expertise from his professional lplaying years.

      There are two 16U teams :  The Elite 16U Team  with younger high school players who are on the path to play college baseball and who will work and train to become more competitive.


Team Coach Coach
16 Elite Ben Martin Nick Pereira
18U Elite Joe Gerber Jeff Martin