Coaching Excellence

Coaching is what we do best. We have taken our years of experience, our thoughts of good, bad, and great coaches and developed a list of the key elements of coaching. We evaluate and train each of our coaches on these qualities to keep them at the top of their game.
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Without understanding the game and knowing the fundamentals, one cannot effectively teach it. Technology has brought a detail of understanding not previously available generating new theories and methods of analyzing mechanics. Our coaches are excited by this and continue to study. The moment that a coach is satisfied or stops learning is the moment that he ceases to be at the top of his game.


One can have the most baseball knowledge in the world, but in order to effectively teach, one must be able to relate to the audience. Relating to a range of age groups, to parents, and to coaches is an under appreciated skill. At ASA, our coaches take the responsibility of establishing that rapport, not demanding the player be the one to adjust. Teaching is about relationships.


All of our coaches will be accessible with open lines of communication to assistant coaches, players and parents.


Each ASA coach is able to assess strengths and weaknesses and adjust his approach accordingly. He will be able to not only assess the player, but also his program or practice.


Enthusiasm is contagious. Our coaches love what they do and it spills over to our teachings and to the student.


The best coaches are the ones that care about their athletes and their development both as baseball players and as people. Coaches are mentors and role models. We take that role very seriously.


A coach must be cool-headed and confident in both his ability and his knowledge at all times. If you believe in yourself, so will your kids.


Personal Growth

The coaches at All Star Academy are not simply interested in creating fundamentally sound baseball players but also in helping to develop adolescents into well adjusted people. Kids are swamped with good and bad influences outside of the home – from friends, television, the Internet, music, movies, and everything they see around them. They hear all kinds of messages from sources that don’t necessarily have their best interest in mind. At All Star Academy we are well aware of the influence we have on our athletes and we take that responsibility very seriously