Advanced Skills Boot Camp

The ALL STAR ACADEMY coaching staff presents the Advanced Skills Summer Boot Camp for competitive athletes. Not your typical baseball camp, the Advanced Boot Camp is designed to raise a player’s baseball knowledge & skills to the next level. ASA provides the coaching excellence and advanced techniques in a fast-paced, college-like atmosphere, while players are expected to take responsibility to get the most out of the camp by working hard, staying focused and striving for improvement. After a week of camp, they will have not only have improved their skills and know what they need to work on as an individual, but also they will be better prepared for more competitive baseball environments.


Just some of what’s offered at boot camp

  • Core Hitting Mechanics/Adv. Drills
  • Basic & Advanced Pitching/Throwing Mechanics
  • College Style Batting Practice 
  • Baseball Fundamentals Testing
  • Individual Defensive Work w/ outfielders, infielders, catchers, etc.
  • Advanced Team Offensive & Defensive Strategies/Concepts/Drills
  • Advanced Base Running Circuits
  • Simulated Games
  • Arm Strengthening Seminar
  • Written Analysis of of individual skill-sets
  • Plyometric Work & Conditioning
  • Video analysis of Hitters and Pitchers





Package Type Member Non-Member
Full Week $405.00 $450.00
Single Day $110.00 $110.00