Live Batting Practice: Learn to Bat from our Pitchers

October 31, 2012

Ever wonder what a pitcher sees in you as a hitter? Do you feel the pitcher always has the advantage as you hit like a champ in batting practice but struggle during a game? Take your swing to the next level as you take the plate against pitching instructors Nick Pereira (SF Giants AAA), and Ian Pick (NAIA All-American). They will analyze your whole approach (stance and swing) from a pitchers point of view and both demonstrate and explain how they would pitch against you as the hitter. They will show you the holes in your swing and help you make the adjustment in mechanics.  But successful hitting  also includes understanding how the pitcher thinks.   If you can predict a pitch sequence, know how to make adjustments to a pitchers approach, and extend an at bat, the advantage will be yours.


FOCUS:                                                                     PITCHES THROWN:

Evaluate batting approach                                                 – Fastballs

– Adjust to different pitches                                                  – Change Ups

– Understand how pitchers think                                        – Curve Balls

– Game simulation                                                                   – Sliders

Price:(30 minute session): $55.00/ Members: $49.50                                               



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