College Placement

Mistakes can be made that will affect a ball player’s college career before it can even begin; if the numerous rules, regulations, and deadlines involved are not understood. Many programs can help, but to be truly effective, a counselor must not only know the player and know the college coaches, but must also have played baseball as a scholar athlete and have the resources from his own staff who played on all levels of college and professional baseball. Joe Gerber and All Star Academy have that extra edge.

The process of successful college placement includes a myriad of steps and considerations from understanding academic and demographic fit, to matching player baseball skill level and program level, knowing when and how to contact a specific coach or school, to knowing which camps or showcases would best showcase a player . Our program can provide support in all areas.


Program Packages


ASA Team Package:

All players enrolled in the College Prep Team Program receive basic placement services. Those who chose the premier team package (that includes all ASA enrichment programs including strength and conditioning and college placement) receive, in addition, a skills video and a tangible assessment certificate. With either package, players can then extend services (# of consultations or schools contacted), beyond that offered as part of team membership.