Core and Specialty

Private Lessons are geared toward building on the player’s strengths while simultaneously eliminating their weaknesses through the process of learning the proper mechanics.  Then repeating these mechanics to achieve the desired muscle memory. Homework drills are given after each lesson in order to re-enforce the proper fundamentals and then maximize muscle memory.


Core lessons:                                    

  • Hitting                                                                  
  • Pitching
  • Fundamental Throwing                                      
  • Fielding
  • Catching
  • Live Batting Practice
  • Available as a buddy lesson with 2 players.


Baseball & Softball Package Prices

Package Type Quantity Member Non-Member
Individual 1 $49.50 $55.00
4 $180.00 $200.00
8 $324.00 $360.00
Softball 1 $49.50 $55.00
4 $180.00 $200.00
8 $324.00 $360.00

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Lessons that are cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time will be charged full price as a cancellation fee.

Monthly Group Lessons

Hitting & Pitching

For beginner to intermediate players:

Both affordable and effective, group lessons are a great way to get introduced to the ASA training cycle and prepare for the upcoming season. By signing up you receive 4 one hour sessions with a 5 to 1 player/instructor ratio. Also, for your convenience all sessions are located at the ASA indoor facility begin the first week of the month.

Group Lessons will run from Nov thru Feb.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Sign up before the 20th of each month for a $20 discount





12 & Under

Hitting 10-11am

Pitching 11am-12pm

Hitting 6-7pm

Pitching 7-8pm

High School

Hitting 11am-12pm

Pitching 12-1pm

HITTING: $110.00

12U Saturday @ 10am 12U Tuesday @ 6pm HS Sunday @ 11am

PITCHING: $110.00

12U Saturday @ 11am 12U Tuesday @ 7pm HS Sunday @ 12pm


Specialty Lessons:

                                VIDEO LESSONS: The Fifth Tool

     Traditionally, an instructor has 4 types of tools: words that describe the desired actions, a break down of the action into componentsdemonstrations of the action and components, and drills that isolate the component that needs work.  Video analysis adds the 5th tool. Now a player can see himself, frame by frame, and see where his action deviates from the desired. In this case, a picture with analysis is worth a thousand words.        Learn More


                            LIVE BATTING PRACTICE: Hit off our pitching instructors

Ever wonder what a pitcher sees in you as a hitter? Do you feel the pitcher always has the advantage as you hit like a champ in batting practice but struggle during a game? Take your swing to the next level as you take the plate against pitching instructors Nick Pereira (SF Giants AAA), and Ian Pick (NAIA All-American). They will analyze your whole approach (stance and swing) from a pitchers point of view and both demonstrate and explain how they would pitch against you as the hitter. They will show you the holes in your swing and help you make the adjustment in mechanics.  But successful hitting  also includes understanding how the pitcher thinks.   If you can predict a pitch sequence, know how to make adjustments to a pitchers approach, and extend an at bat, the advantage will be yours.


– Evaluate batting approach

– Adjust to different pitches

– Understand how pitchers think

– Game simulation

Price:(30 minute session)        Members: $49.50                                                 Non-Members: $55.00

To schedule a lesson call us at:   650-961-2255      or       408-748-1080