Pitching Program

Two Tiers of Training / Arm Care / Pitching Staff

Tier 1: Lessons

Basic Mechanics: half hour of basic mechanics designed to develop consistent healthy delivery
Mechanics plus arm care and strengthening: one hour that includes basic mechanics and arm care.


Tier 2: Team Program and Arm Strengthening

Added to the program of basic mechanics, arm care and arm strengthening is the in game strategy and the between game regimen.

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Importance of Arm Care

Arm injuries and surgeries are rising in young pitchers. All Star Academy believes this is in large part due to the weekly pitching phenomenon of pitching that big game and not training or taking care of the arm between outings and between seasons.

As games get more competitive at younger ages, so do the pressures to pitch for immediate success. Taking a 10 year old through little league to college prospect, requires an integrated program of arm care and training. That is what the pitching program at All Star Academy does. It goes beyond the initial lesson of basic mechanics to arm health.

In younger pitchers, this requires restrictions in pitch counts and innings with between game throwing programs. In older players this requires year round conditioning, strategies to lower per inning pitch counts and the mental side of the game.

At all ages, pitching accuracy and pitch location lower pitch counts. Knowing not only how to throw the pitch but when to throw it makes a good pitcher great.


Pitching Program Prices

Lesson Member (1/4/8 lessons) Non-Member (1/4/8 lessons)
Individual Half Hour Lesson $49.50 $55.00
4 Half Hour Lesson Package $180.00 $200.00
8 Half Hour Lessons $324.00 $360.00
Hour Lesson 2 Lessons 2 Lessons