The cornerstone of any program is the individual lesson that creates a foundation for further growth and development. The mechanics taught in the comprehensive lessons are those used throughout the program including team pitchers and college prospects.

Individual lessons cover a variety of areas depending on the strengths and weakness of individual players. Goals are the same at any level:

  • Arm health
  • Accurate fastball with repeatable mechanics and healthy arm slot
  • Specialty pitches are built on the foundation of an accurate fastball (the change-up is the off-speed pitch of choice, even in the MLB, so it’s taught first)
  • Situational counts and game strategy are introduced because knowing not only HOW to throw it, but WHEN to throw it, makes a good pitcher great
  • Timing both in relation to the batter and the runner
  • Pick-off moves to control the running game

There are 3 types of comprehensive lessons:

Instructional Half Hour Bullpen covering  mechanics in a bullpen format

Comprehensive One Hour Bullpen expanding the instructional bullpen to include  cardiovascular warm-up, arm strengthening, and arm care



Lesson Member (1/4/8 lessons) Non-Member (1/4/8 lessons)
Individual Half Hour Lesson 49.5 55
4 Half Hour Lesson Package 216 200
8 Half Hour Lessons 324 360
Comprehensive Bullpen 2 Lessons 2 Lessons