Team and Arm Program

Team Program

The team pitching program is designed by professional pitcher Nick Pereira to develop 12 year old players over 7 years to become college level pitchers. At each age level, arm health and development is emphasized allowing for normal growth. By high school, each team has a dedicated pitching instructor to provide specialized training covering both game play and arm care that is tailored to the individual player.


  • Team pitching philosophy that ensures development of the individual
  • Accuracy before specialty pitches
  • Restricted pitch counts appropriate to age group
  • Specific warm up routines to improve arm health
  • Post throwing arm care and conditioning
  • Individual and team post-game evaluations ( positives and negatives)

HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS (freshmen-seniors)

  • Team Pitching Coach
  • Team pitching philosophy to prepare individual players for College Baseball
  • Pitching role: Starter/Reliever/Closer
  • Emphasis and development of specialty pitches
  • Specific pitch counts and pitching interval based on individual needs
  • Professional level warm up routines
  • Game strategy based on individual strengths
  • Pitching charts completed by players as part of learning process
  • Post game evaluations with pitchers, catchers, and coaches
  • Between game arm routine: a) Weekly supervised bullpens b) Daily conditioning / arm exercise

COST: Part of Team Package

High School Arm Strengthening

Arm care and arm strengthening is important in the off season to maintain a healthy arm during the season. Done right, it also leads to gains in velocity and endurance. Pitchers are not the only ones who throw, so the arm program is open to all position players. Hard work, dedication and consistent attendance are required

Program Highlights

  • Pre Throwing Warm-up
  • Long Toss / Weighted Ball Throwing Routine
  • Post Throwing Arm Workout
  • Weekly Velocity Reading to track improvement