Program Overview

Every athlete that walks through our doors will have different strengths and weaknesses, body types, goals, backgrounds, and psyche. To be truly effective, we must be able to understand and assess those differences. We can then select drills from an array of innovative techniques and tailor the training session to the individual. This creates focused instruction to solidify proper mechanics. This approach is known as the ASA TRAINING CYCLE; assessment, training, evaluation, and adjustment.

We want to ensure that each athlete receives the most detailed, effective, and appropriate instruction in mechanics. No single approach can work for everyone. Our challenge (and what keeps us energized) is seeing each individual clearly and teaching them in a way that works for them.



Private Lessons are geared toward building on the player’s strengths while simultaneously eliminating their weaknesses through the process of learning the proper mechanics and repeating these mechanics to achieve the desired muscle memory. Homework drills are given after each lesson in order tore-enforce the proper fundamentals and then maximize muscle memory. All progress is tracked through charts, goal setting and video analysis.
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Strength & Conditioning

Second only to academic achievement, strength and conditioning is a deciding factor in admission to a college baseball program. Whether measured in tangibles (60 yard dash, pitching velocity, pop time, or bat speed) or intangibles (range of a shortstop, ability of an outfielder to play the gaps, or number of caught stealing) stronger, faster athletes are winning the college admission race.
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College Placement

In the world of College Baseball there are numerous rules, regulations, deadlines and terms that both athletes and parents must know in order to successfully navigate the bewildering quagmire that is College Recruitment.
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