Strength & Conditioning

Second only to academic achievement, strength and conditioning is a deciding factor in admission to a college baseball program. Whether measured in tangibles (60 yard dash, pitching velocity, pop time, or bat speed) or intangibles (range of a shortstop, ability of an outfielder to play the gaps, or number of caught stealing) stronger, faster athletes are winning the college admission race.

All Star Academy recognizes this component of excellence as well as the value of injury-prevention in a balanced strength and conditioning program.


Middle School (ages 12-14) and 12U (ages 9-11)

The Middle School program is a baseball specific training program designed for young athletes to increase speed, quickness, power, and aerobic capacity. ASA recognizes the special care needed during the growth process to protect joints and muscles from imbalances that can lead to injury.   As the baseball season progresses,  specific areas of need are targeted to complement other baseball activity and prevent overuse. Participation in this program will help young athletes understand the commitment necessary to attain peak physical condition and give them the opportunity to to get to the next level of competition.
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High School Arm Strengthening:  Where Do You Train?

Pitchers:  It takes more than a gym membership to get to the next level. Working to become an Elite Pitcher requires training protocols that address pitching specific issues of muscle strength, bone health, flexibility, and balance. EVP designs elite protocols and monitors for developmental progression, comprehension and dedication. Monthly memberships allow the pitcher to determine the schedule while getting the benefit of an elite training program. Where you train makes a difference.                                  Learn More (“sessions offered” for off season strengthening)

Position players: If you would like to train at ASA, please  Contact Us