High School Arm Strengthening

Arm injuries and surgeries are rising in youth pitchers. All Star Academy believes this is in large part due to the weekly phenomenon of pitching “the big game” without the necessary training between outings and between seasons to allow the arm to handle a weekly workload.

When a consistent pre-season throwing program is done correctly, it allows for a player to not only handle the extensive workload of a long season, but also to realize improvements in velocity and endurance.

Pitchers are not the only ones who throw, so the Arm Strength Program is open to all position players.
Hard work, dedication and consistent attendance are required.

ASA believes that participation in the Arm Strength Program, will not only help keep arms healthy but also give players the tools to reach the next tier of their playing potential.


 Arm Strengthening Focus

  • Workouts & throwing program that build and increase arm strength
  • Average velocity improvement over last 3 years = 4.2 MPH
  • Proper throwing warm up
  • Post throwing workout
  • Weekly velocity testing
  • Pitchers = builds velocity & endurance
  • Position players = stronger & healthier arm


  • 2 sessions per week
  • Sessions are 90 minutes in duration
  • Separate sessions for upper class and under class


  • Under Class:  Wed 7:30-9:00pm & Sat 11:00-12:30pm @ ASA               
  • Upper Class: Tue & Thu 7:30-9:00pm @ ASA 
  • Softball: Mon 7:30-9:00pm & Friday 6:30-8:00pm