Middle School Strength & Conditioning

The Middle School and 12U program is a baseball specific training program designed for young athletes to increase speed, quickness, power, and aerobic capacity. ASA recognizes the special care needed during the growth process to protect joints and muscles from imbalances that can lead to injury. As the baseball season progresses, specific areas are targeted to complement other baseball activity and prevent overuse. Participation in this program will help young athletes understand the commitment necessary to attain peak physical condition and give them the opportunity to to get to the next level of competition.


PROGRESS TRACKING: Each athlete will be evaluated monthly using a battery of measurements which are listed below.

*Shuttle run       *Core strength       * Vertical jump      * Push Ups         * Pull Ups


Schedule: Total program lasts 3 months, from Nov 5th through Jan 30th. 

Prices for three month program:

1 day per week = $300 ($100 per month)

2 day per week = $450 ($150 per month)



14u age group session:

Monday 6-7pm

Wednesdays 6-7pm


  • Speed and Agility to develop an explosive first step both forward and laterally
  • Body and Core Training for stable foundation
  • Plyometrics and proper running form
  • Arm and Rotator Cuff Strengthening and Care
  • Flexibility training important in injury prevention
  • Functional strength training that incorporates baseball specific movements