Teams Overview

All-Star Academy is different from any other program in the Bay Area because of our commitment to developing competitive teams; not simply recruiting them. Our goal is to take  athletes on teams with stable rosters and develop them into competitive high school players and future college prospects.

All teams develop needs as players mature. We add to our rosters as spots become available. If you are interested in joining one of our teams, fill out the player application, send it to us, and the appropriate coach will contact you.


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Program Highlights:

Competitive Tournaments  for each age group:

  • Cooperstown Dreams
  • Road to Omaha
  • World Scout League
  • Phil Singer Summer Series
  • Arizona Fall Invitational
  • Perfect Game-East Cobb Invitational
  • Desert Fall Classic
  • Palomino at Washington Park for 18 and 19U teams
  • See individual team schedules for more

Advanced Boot Camp in preparation for tournament season


Participation in Team Programs:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • College Placement
  • Team Pitching


  • 2 professional coaches for every practice, practice game, and tournament
  • Pitching Director of High School Prep program
  • Pitching Director of College Prep program
  • Pitching coach at the College Prep level for each team

Two practice per week (one indoor / one outdoor)

Team membership to the ASA Facility for individual training between practices


High School Prep Teams

Our High School Prep Teams range from 11U to 14U. Our players benefit from a program designed to make them the best individual player, the best team player, and the best person that they can be. As our teams progress in competence, we introduce more competitive game strategies and recruitment, but we do not change our fundamental goals and strategies. To develop individual skill sets, to develop players as a team, to develop players to become stronger and faster, and to develop teams/players to be competitive.
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College Prep Teams

Our College Prep Teams range from 16U to 18U. The primary focus of these teams is to continue reinforcing the development of physical and mental skills, while also preparing them to become successful collegiate athletes. Our teams participate in various types of college showcases, tournaments, and college preparatory clinics. Our goal is to help each athlete participating on our College Prep Teams to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves regarding reaching the next level.
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