Facility Video Lesson

Facility Video Lessons:     Who will benefit?

Any player who, despite serious effort, is not making the adjustments. “Hitting the wall” can happen at any skill level. We all learn differently and visual learners will benefit from adding the visual component. The digital generation gets excited by and is comfortable with video communication as evidenced by YouTube. That skill can be translated into more efficient learning.

High level players who have achieved consistent mechanics need smaller adjustments that may only be seen with the frame by frame slowed analysis.

High level players looking for the next focus for improvement may benefit from comparison with major league players.

 Facility Video Lessons: What is it?

A Video Analysis Lesson is a 45 minute session that starts with the traditional instructor lesson working on mechanics.  Then video filming is performed by the instructor followed by  an analysis of selected clips on a laptop  with the player. The instructor then spends the last 15 minutes formalizing the analysis and adding video clips of recommended drills.  The finished product will  be sent to the player through a player locker and email.  It can be accessed on our video locker page.


Type Traditional Lessons Video Analysis Price Comment
Facility Lesson        
1 0 45 minute lesson $150.00 Combination of traditional lesson and video analysis
4 pack 3 45 minute lesson $300.00 3 traditional half hour lessons with 1 video lesson
8 pack 7 45 minute lesson $465.00 7 traditional lessons with 1 video lesson
  0 1 analysis $40.00 Video submitted via the internet

To schedule a lesson call us at:   650-961-2255      or       408-748-1080